Vol 9 No 2
9(2) December 2017


Sergio A. Villegas-Retana, David Araya-H.
Consumption of Terminalia catappa fruits and use of leaves as tools by the bird Ara ambiguus (Psittaciformes: Psittacidae) in Costa Rica.
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Mia Kosmicki
Marianismo Identity, Self-Silencing, Depression and Anxiety in Women from Santa María de Dota, Costa Rica
Karina Barrientos, Julián Monge-Nájera, Zaidett Barrientos, María Isabel González Lutz
Role of gender, professional level, and geographic location of artists on how they represent a story: the case of Little Red Riding Hood
Carmen Andrés Jiménez
Effect of innovating the evaluative strategy on the motivation and performance of students in pilot plant practices for the development of new food products.
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Mónica González Navarro
Avifaunal species richness in native forest and exotic plantations: effect of altitude and vegetation (Prusia, Costa Rica)
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Roberto Vargas-Masis, Lilliana Piedra-Castro, Juan Bravo-Chacón
Avifaunal characterization of Corral de Piedra Palustrine Wetland, Nicoya, Costa Rica
Rodolfo WingChing-Jones
Productive and reproductive indexes of beef cow-calf operations in the southern region of Costa Rica.
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Esteban Pérez López, César Barrantes Murillo
Evaluation of three methods for the recovery of heavy metals in fertilizers
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Cristina Arguedas García, José Eladio Monge Pérez
Morphological characterization of two eggplant (Solanum melongena) genotypes grown under greenhouse conditions in Costa Rica
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Carmen Andrés Jiménez, Ligia Bermúdez Mesén, Dennis Alfaro Rojas
Perception on face-to-face tutorials in courses with a virtual component about Agroindustry at UNED, Costa Rica
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Mariela Corrales Morales, Karolina Villalobos, Abad Rodríguez Rodríguez, Nelson Muñoz Simón, Rodolfo Umaña-Castro
Identification and molecular characterization of tropical cyanobacteria of the genus Nostoc, Calothrix, Tolypothrix and Scytonema (Nostocales: Nostocaceae), with possible biotechnological potential
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Olivier Castro Morales, Julio M Arias-Reverón, Arnoldo Gadea-Rivas, Luis Alberto Camero Rey
Effect of a vitamin supplement and three species of food plants (Fabaceae) on the production of Morpho helenor butterflies (Nymphalidae:Lepidoptera)
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Diego Ariel Meloni, Diolina Moura Silva, Ramón Ledesma, Graciela Inés Bolzón
Mineral nutrition and photosynthesis of Prosopis alba (Fabaceae) seedlings under saline stress
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Luis Diego Arias Campos
Do hydroelectric projects affect aquatic plants? The case of Marathrum foeniculaceum (Podostemaceae) in two rivers, Southeastern Costa Rica
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Donald Arguedas C., Cesar Ortega S., Simón Martínez C., Angel Astroza C.
Parasites of Nile Tilapia larvae Oreochromis niloticus (Pisces: Cichlidae) in concrete ponds in Guanacaste, Northern Costa Rica