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Here are the contact addresses to inquiry about manuscripts (scope, status, help submitting); and to reach us.

If you want to know if a particular manuscript you are working on is appropriate:
1. Read this:
Our scope
2. If you are still doubtful, you can send us the complete draft and we will tell you if we think the subject and approach are good for the journal:

If you sent a manuscript and want to know where it is in the evaluation/publication process:
1. Enter here with your user and password:
2. If you honestly think that more than a reasonable time has passed and something may be wrong with your manuscript, send an inquiry with copies of the pertinent messages, to:

When submitting or monitoring their articles, some authors have problems when they first use the Open Journal System platform, if you have already tried at least twice to establish an account and monitoring your submissions, and have not been able to do so, watch this video

If, after watching it, you are convinced that you need special help, you can contact Steven Segura:

If you need to send a package or visit our office (for visits, get an appointment here:, this is our address: 

Universidad Estatal a Distancia, Vicerrectoría de Investigación, De la Rotonda La Betania 500m al este, Carretera a Sabanilla, Mercedes de Montes de Oca, San José 474-2050, Costa Rica


If you fail to obtain a rapid, respectful and useful reply from anyone in our staff, send copy of the pertinent messages to the Director: