Vol 2 No 2
Vol 2, No 2 (2010)


Horacio Alejandro Chamizo García
The management of environmental sanitation in Costa Rican human settlements: concepts used in two urban communities and one rural community
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Zaidett Barrientos
Urban solid waste generation and management at the National University, Costa Rica: quantitative and sociological patterns
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Lourdes Arce Espinoza, Julián Mónge-Nájera, María Isabel González Lutz
The lack of relationship between reported self-care, and the factors that influence blood hypertension, in Costa Rican patients
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Wilson Beita-Sandí, Marco Barahona-Palomo
Hydrochemistry of the surface waters at the Rincon River Basin, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
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Harold Blanco Rojas
Water recharges areas on the highlands of the micro watersheds Palo, Marin and San Rafaelito, San Carlos, Costa Rica
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Roberto Jiménez Gómez
Costa Rica’s electricity sector: application of structural analysis to define key variables neoclassical reform
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Agustín Contreras Arias, Christoph Campregher
Medicinal plants in a cocoa plantation in Guápiles, Costa Rica
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Chan Lai Keng, Ang Sze Wei, Arvind Bhatt
Elicitation effect on cell biomass and production of alkaloids in cell suspension culture of the tropical tree Eurycoma longifolia
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María Alejandra Maglianesi
Characterization of the plant community in native forest and exotic tree plantation at the Reserva Forestal Grecia (Alajuela, Costa Rica)
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Nélida Marcela Romero, Rosa Vera-Mesones
Seasonal changes in the ovaries of three species of Siluriform fish: comparison of three species in a subtropical Argentinean environment
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Julián Mónge-Najera
Use of a mucus thread for vertical movements in the tropical freshwater snail Mayabina pliculosa (Pulmonata: Physidae): a correction
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