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UNED Research Journal / Cuadernos de Investigación UNED is a biannual journal that is published online (ISSN 1659-441X). Pre-publication drafts are published as soon as they are available, adding them to the table of contents of the next issue under the modality of continuous publication (issues are open from January 1st to June 30th and July 1st to December 31st of each year).

What we publish

UNED Research Journal publishes data-based articles in all fields of science, including new results, confirmatory results, and contradictory results.

What we do not publish

We cannot consider personal opinions, essays, or manuscripts lacking clear methods or supporting data (either original or from meta-analyses). When we read your submission, we must immediately understand why the study needed to be done, how you did it, what you learned, and how your findings fit within the previous scientific knowledge. Otherwise, the manuscript is not for our journal.


Our main type of publication is the article, maximum 6000 words. Articles have concrete hypotheses, clear methods, solid results and a good analysis of how they are related to previous scientific knowledge. Read an example.

We also welcome:

Notes, maximum 1000 words, based on small or opportunistic observations. Read an example.

Short Communications, maximum 1500 words, based on short studies or preliminary data. Read an example.

Cases, maximum 4000 words. These are data-based studies of particular problems with practical recommendations to solve them. Read an example.

Hypotheses, maximum 2000 words. These propose new explanations for scientific phenomena based on a critical review of published data or models. Read an example.

Forum, maximum 1000 words, based on well-argued analyses of errors in the literature. These are open to replies from the criticized authors or from other researchers. Read an example.

Reviews, maximum 12000 words, based on critical reviews of the literature and presenting practical recommendations for future research. Normally, these reviews are written by authorities in the field. Read an example.

Additional Material

Additional material is published online as needed, also for free. It includes datasheets, images, audios, videos, GIS map data, PowerPoint presentations and additional text, presentations and additional text that would exceed the word-count for each article type.

We accept scientific audio and video files in common formats such as MP3, WAV, MP4, HTML5, AVI, WMV and MOV. They must be your property and will be published with our CC BY 4.0 License. We recommend H.264 encoding and splitting files over 150 MB into smaller files.

Paid Publications

New records and range extensions can be published for a small fee of US$75 (maximum 2000 words). Read an example.

Monographs and supplements, no word limit: please contact for a cost estimate. Read an example.

Find our guidelines and author's guide  here



From 2009 to 2013, vols. 1-5 were published as “Cuadernos de Investigación UNED/Research Journal of the Costa Rican Distance University”.

From 2009 through 2017 the journal was published in virtual and printed form.

Since 2018 the journal has been only published in a digital version.

Print ISSN: 1659-4266 until December, 2017. Online ISSN :1659-441X


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